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How does it work?

So called nixie tubes work similar to neon lamps; that is, the foundation is formed by an evacuated glass tube to which a small amount of neon gas has been added. The tube itself contains ten metal cathodes shaped like numbers 0-9, surrounded by a metal screen anode.

When a positive voltage is applied to the anode mesh relative to a cathode element, the neon gas surrounding the cathode experiences an electric field surge. That in turn results in electrons surrounding the neon atoms to impact energy levels, thereby emitting orange photons. The required voltage of around 180V is just high enough to create a glowing effect near the cathode element. You've just witnessed the formation of plasma.


CYberpunk mechanics

Once the plasma gets going, the excited electrons will nudge other electrons out of their energy levels, maintaining the glow at voltages of around 140V. The current that flows through the tube is on the order of one to two milliamperes. Any lower than that and the cathode won't be completely lit, while currents above will be detrimental to the cathode's longevity.

Despite its obviously futuristic optics, the technology has been established for a long time now.

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