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Nixie tube check || remember For 12 cylinders with nook || old school joined with hand tailored retro stylistic theme workmanship || Vintage Table Clock

This Vintage Nixie Cylinder Clock is handmade utilizing new old stock cylinders. These Nixie tubes are somewhere around 30 years of age, have never been utilized and come from old military stock. Old school innovation joined with a craftsmanship deco style and hand tailored enclosure.

__________________OPERATION MANUAL_______________________________________
COPY AND Glue TO THE NEW Program TAB Connection:


IN-12 Cylinders Included & Completely Assembled!!!

Tubes sizes for analyze:

_________________ Programming FEATURES______________________________________

Hours, Minutes and Seconds display
12 or 24 hour activity modes
EU and US date design (DDMMYY or MMDDYY)
Remote control
Temperature sensor, exactness +-2%
Auto Date Show
Auto Temperature Show C or F
Simple time setting utilizing one catch or distant control
"Slot Machine" Cathode harming counteraction routine
Programmable 16 milions colors Drove tube lighting
Neon colon pointers squinting at 1 Hz
Tubes are driven in high recurrence dynamical sign and offer support for some years
All settings are put away in non-unstable memory
First cylinder can be incapacitated if hours lower than 10 (optional)
________________HARDWARE FEATURES_______________________________________

Tubes type: 6 NIXIE tubes 1
Voltage: DC 5V and microUSB plug
Dimensions: 210x90x30mm
Power utilization: 300mAh
Time precision (+/ - 1 second of the month) is given by inherent RTC (Constant Clock) in view of incredibly exact DS3231 module with temperature pay and reinforcement with CR2032 battery
Not AC recurrence subordinate – works in all countries.

Power string and force supply are NOT INCLUDED!
You can utilize own or get it in nearby market.

_________________LED's BACKLIGHT___________________________________________

Current rendition has 10 LEDs modes:

Save any present status (for instance fix any rainbow)
Rainbow blur (dynamic)
Rainbow circle (dynamic)
Random burst (dynamic)
Ripple with shading change (dynamic)
New rainbow circle (dynamic)
Red (static)
Green (static)
Blue (static)
Turn off

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