Clock in a Bottle - Model Polar Ice

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You can utilize PowerBank as a force source. For this situation, you can put the clock everywhere!

Offered for your consideration totally amassed and tried IV-18 USSR tube nixie time VFD clock.

Idea and case configuration are from Adafruit Ice Cylinder Clock, however schematics and firmware have been fundamentally changed and improved.

A Center piece of the clock is IV-18 major 8-digit 7-fragment with decimal focuses VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Presentation) marker. It made in the Soviet Association (USSR) in 1990yy. The marker is new, from old stock, has been taken from plant box. Sparkle green. A long period of IV-18 VFD is something like 10000 hours.

The walled in area made of laser cut acrylic abd designed with cleaned tempered steel subtleties. Those ones laser cut all things considered. Alongside of this the entirety of the screws and nuts made of spotless steel.

Weight: 335g.

Width: 5.7" (145 mm), tallness 3.15" (80 mm), profundity 1.6" (40 mm) (counting nuts 60mm).


1. Clock, schedule, alarm.

2. Force supply by means of smaller than expected USB connector: AC connector (220V/110V), PC, tablet, power bank, etc.

3. Time and date show in 12 (USA) and 24 (EURO) hour formats.

4. 20 variations of showing of time, date, day of the week.

5. Showing the day of the week, date and year by squeezing any catch (aside from the "ticker" effects).

6. Alternative to consequently change the brilliance of the pointer, contingent upon the lighting.

7. Alternative to change the brilliance of the pointer light manually.

8. Inconceivability of presenting inaccurate date esteems ??(February 30, September 32, April 31, etc.)

9. Modified schedule until the year 2100.

10. 3-minute morning timer, with an expanding (really irritating) signal.

11. Alternative to kill on/the every day alert at the set time.

12. The settings menu utilizes phrases, words (some of the time in condensed form).

13. Alternative to kill on/the sound affirmation of squeezing the buttons.

14. The presence of battery reinforcement power permits you to keep the clock and settings in any event, when the primary force is off.

15. Deviation of the clock doesn't surpass a moment for each year.

Delivery term

I do all my best to send the package when it conceivable. Generally it is the following working day after buy.
Delivery to USA requires 5-11 days for the most part. Based on conveyance measurement by and large conveyance to different nations takes 2-3 weeks.
The quickest conveyance was 5 days (USA), the longest one was 43 days (Mexico).
Interesting truth: regularly the speed of conveyance doesn't rely upon the distance.
For model, the bundle to New Zealand was conveyed a lot quicker than to Germany.
Every time I trust that the bundle will be in the purchaser hands before the normal time.
All the best!

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