Clock in a Bottle - Model Vintage Spirit

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  • The One and Only. The Original Clock in a Bottle.

    ○ Handcrafted
    ○ Created by Connoisseurs
    ○ Made to Order
    ○ Vintage Decoration

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"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it looking at ugly things"

In a nutshell

⁍ Natural eco-friendly, high quality, massive wood
⁍ Qualitative, non-irritating soft oil protective coating
⁍ Made by the hands of knowledgeable craftsmen
⁍ Unique, authentic; tells the time in an amalgamation of analog and digital
⁍ Fantastic gift idea if you're feeling original
⁍ Power cord included; 100-240 V
⁍ Can be supplied by any powerbank
Size (LxWxH): 4.9”(12.5cm) х 2”(5cm) x 2.7”(7.0cm)

Flair Up Your time

From a place of passion

Be astounded by handpicked eco-wood as the basis for all our clocks.

Feel the difference.

Time for quality

Variation? No problem!

Choose from a varied assortment of four different types of wood: Iroko, Wenge, Bog Oak and Padouk - there's one for you. Can't decide? Create unparalleled atmospheres with all four.

Pick the foundation. We'll do the rest.

Not only diamonds are forever

Do you like vintage? How about nostalgia? Don't we like to think about the good times that are part of our lives? They're not only part of the past - they could be in your room. Today.

We like stories, because they remind us of who we are - and we like the past, because our memories linger long thereafter.

We like vintage, because it takes us back to those precious moments in time.

Time is precious - too precious. Reminisce, in style, with our handmade chronographs.

Reminisce in Style

Practicity included

Our watches are made not only for the comfort of your home, but for stylistic carrying. Take it with you and boast a fusion of analog+digital.

Via a practical supply with any powerbank, you're not limited to an external socket source.

Let's get it

When Time is fused into vintage

Change your style. change your time.

Chronologies revived